Sierra Nevada

Covering nearly 30 million acres, the varied habitats of the Sierra Nevada host a majority of the state’s biodiversity and play a crucial role in California’s water system and natural carbon sequestration. The region consists of the Sierra Nevada proper, southern Cascade Range, Klamath Mountains, Modoc Plateau, western Great Basin, and a large part of the northern Mojave Desert. Our group is an alliance of organizations committed to conserving and restoring the extraordinary natural resources and communities of the Sierra.

Sierra Nevada Bighorn Sheep
Darla DeRuiter

Regional Lead

I’m so inspired by the 30×30 initiative: applying it locally leads to global results. This unifying strategy of 30×30 brings together conservation partners across the incredibly diverse Sierra Nevada region to advance biodiversity, equity, and climate resilience. Let’s keep it wild!”

Darla DeRuiter

Executive Director, Friends of Plumas Wilderness