30 x 30 Power In Nature: Protecting California Together

power in nature: 30 x 30 CA

National Monuments

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California has three exciting national monument campaigns underway. These national monument designations — coupled with the recent expansions of Berryessa Snow Mountain and San Gabriel Mountains national monuments — would protect more than 1 million newly conserved acres in California, leap-frogging the state toward its 30×30 goal. Scroll down for more information and petitions for each campaign.

Protect an interconnected cultural, natural, and spiritual living landscape that holds Tribal history and supports Indigenous peoples today.

The Kw’tsán National Monument will protect over 390,000 acres of the Fort. Yuma Quechan Indian Tribe’s homelands, located in Imperial County.
Nestled within the Shasta-Trinity, Klamath, and Modoc National Forests of northeastern California, Sáttítla, commonly known as the Medicine Lake Highlands, are a culturally significant, geologically unique, water rich, and life sustaining region in need of greater protections.