Together, we can protect biodiversity, take real action on climate, and create equity by safeguarding California’s lands and waters for future generations. Community groups, conservation organizations, land trusts, and Native American Tribes in every part of California are working hard to protect California’s lands and waters so future generations can enjoy nature.

California’s 30×30 effort was launched with Governor Newsom’s Executive Order N-82-20, which called  for a plan to protect 30% of California’s lands and coastal waters by 2030. The goal aligns with a climate-science driven global 30×30 campaign to protect nature all around the world to avoid an extinction crisis. California’s efforts are unique in that it centers this goal in equity, biodiversity, and climate. 

Recently, the California Natural Resources Agency released a plan, “Pathways to 30×30,” that sets California on the path to make 30×30 a reality.

You can read the report here:


Why #30x30CA

Scientists say protecting 30% of our lands and coastal waters by 2030 can protect and restore California’s natural places for plants and animals, help keep our ocean clean, and restore needed balance to our environment. With the Pathways Report, our Governor and Resources Agency have already taken important steps toward achieving 30×30 for California through an equitable approach.

An overwhelming number of Californians support this goal. Now, we need to work together and hold our leaders accountable for carrying out a 30×30 plan that achieves real progress quickly—and leverage this moment to foster more equitable access to nature, as well as the benefits of climate resilience and biodiversity.

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#30x30CA is an opportunity to address legacies of discriminatory land use policies, pollution burdens, and other environmental injustices that have excluded low-income households, Tribes, and communities of color from access to nature in their communities, and from decision making around public resources. We advocate for a comprehensive 30×30 plan that fosters equity and helps address historic and systemic environmental injustice in California.


Together, we can ensure 30×30 addresses the legacies of the violent displacement of Tribes from their traditional homelands. California must create a process to return lands—and control of those lands—to Indigenous communities, and must financially support Tribes for their consultation on and stewardship of 30×30 protections.

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