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Representatives of the Power In Nature Coalition Call for Placing a Climate Bond on the November 2024 Ballot


The Climate Bond would fund vital programs that support climate resiliency, conservation, air quality, and protecting our environment. Legislators and Governor Newsom must approve the bond by July 3 for it to be included on the November 2024 ballot. 

Liv O’Keeffe, California Native Plant Society, Statewide

“California is home to more types of native plants than any other state in the U.S., but they’re also facing the highest risk of extinction. To protect our biodiversity, we must invest in it. That’s why CNPS and its network of 35 local California chapters is urging California’s leaders to vote yes on SB 867, a $10-billion Climate Resilience Bond to ensure we meet this important moment with the urgency and resources it demands.”

Melanie Schlotterbeck, Hills For Everyone, Southern California

“This $10 billion bond infuses 30×30 with funding. In Southern California, we need matching funds to secure 800 acres in Chino Hills State Park, protecting visitors from urban sights and sounds, preserving water quality for wildlife, and improving habitat connectivity for endangered mountain lions.”

Dan Silver, Endangered Habitats League, Southern California

“The rest of the world is looking to California for leadership on climate. This package is comprehensive and will keep Californians and nature safe into the future.”

Chance Cutrano, Resource Renewal Institute, Bay Area

“The impacts of climate change are already hitting California’s economy and communities hard. This Climate Resilience Bond isn’t just an environmental initiative–it’s a vital investment in our economic stability and public safety. By scaling up our resilience efforts now, we’re protecting vulnerable communities, infrastructure, and livelihoods from increasingly frequent and severe climate disasters.”

Josefina Barrantes, EPIC (Environmental Protection Information Center), Far Northern CA

“California is leading the world in climate action and 30×30. In the face of a state budget deficit, it’s imperative that we put the Climate Resilience Bond on this November’s ballot. Our state leaders need to vote for this bond so that we can continue our work in climate resilience and safeguarding biodiversity.”

Lis Olaerts, Sierra Nevada Alliance, Sierra Nevada CA

“The Sierra-Cascade region provides 75% of California’s water supply and offers a wealth of outdoor recreation in some of the most beautiful scenery in California. Yet, Sierra communities and infrastructure, as well as the entire ecosystems on which these communities depend, are at significant risk due to megafires, extended drought, higher temperatures, habitat degradation, and lack of land stewardship. We must pass a Climate Bond to build wildfire resilience and protect vulnerable communities and our world renowned biodiversity.”

Frazier Haney, The Wildlands Conservancy, Statewide
“The passage of a Climate Resilience Bond is not just a choice, but a crucial commitment to safeguard California’s natural beauty, preserve its rich biodiversity, and ensure greater public access to our natural wonders. In a world where challenges can feel overwhelming, embracing this measure represents a tangible step toward securing the future of our environment and our communities. We applaud the California legislature for taking action to protect what we all cherish, building a resilient future for the next generation.”

Eamon O’Byrne, Sonoma Land Trust, Bay Area
“As we work to address the causes of climate change, we must also prepare for the impact affecting people and nature right now. Significant state funding is badly needed to protect our lands and waters, build resiliency into critical infrastructure using nature-based systems, protect vulnerable communities, and support tested strategies for adapting to changing environmental conditions.”   

Tomas Valadez, Azul, Statewide 

“This first-of-its-kind $10 billion Climate Resilience Bond will serve as a vital tool in the fight against climate change. This bond will succeed in helping protect the communities carrying the burden of inaction in the face of climate change.”

Tracy Katelman, Registered Professional Forester #2483, ForEverGreen Forestry, Coast Range/North Coast
“We’re likely in for another very bad fire season. People will die and our precious forests will literally vaporize, almost before our eyes. We must invest significantly in preparing our homes and communities for disaster, while restoring our forests from a century of bad decisions. Passing the Climate Bond will be critical to ensure we’re able to leave healthy forests and rivers for our children and grandchildren.”

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About the Power In Nature Coalition

Power In Nature is a statewide coalition of over 100 community groups, environmental and conservation organizations, land trusts, indigenous organizations and tribal members dedicated to advancing California’s 30×30 commitment. The Power In Nature coalition has identified nearly 100 potential 30×30 projects across the state and works on a broad range of issues including biodiversity protection, climate resilience, equity, recreation, outdoor access, and social justice. For more information visit PowerInNature.org.



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