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California has the highest concentration of plants at risk of extinction in the nation | Opinion

Excerpt: Depending on the time of year, a prime wildflower spot might look like a dry or barren grassland. That appearance can make these areas seem like good places to develop, but underneath there is a living seed bank ready to burst into bloom. Once we disturb that habitat — or pave over it — we can never go back.

That’s because California has the highest concentration of plants at risk of extinction in the nation.

The 30×30 goal is absolutely achievable in California. We have already conserved 24% of our lands and 16% of coastal waters and the state of California is working alongside land trusts, conservation organizations and community groups to reach the 30% target. Great progress is being made, but we must maintain momentum and ensure that this effort is appropriately resourced.

Last year, the state’s 30×30 goal was codified into law — an important milestone. But amid our current state budget challenges, funding for 30×30 efforts is in jeopardy, just as these projects get underway. We need the state to continue prioritizing funding for local projects that protect what’s left of our native plant and animal species. The only way to ensure necessary long-term funding is for our state leaders to support a robust and equitable climate bond with dedicated funding for 30×30


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