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Protecting California Together


Our opportunity to protect California’s lands and coastal waters.

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Part of the international 30×30 movement, #30x30CA is a community-driven initiative to conserve biodiversity and connect people to nature by protecting 30% of California’s lands and coastal waters by 2030. 

Our Power In Nature is defined by the dedicated community-based organizations, Tribes, coalitions, and scientists working to protect natural places in California.

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There’s power in nature across California.

Explore opportunities to protect our treasured natural places.

#PowerInNature highlights California’s diverse array of landscapes and the communities, advocates, and Tribes protecting their cultures. Below, we share incredible California places and people that evoke the spirit of 30x30.

California 30x30 is an opportunity to foster:



Biodiversity is the variety of life on Earth, from plants and animals to the types of ecosystems that keep our planet healthy. California is a “biodiversity hotspot” because it is home to thousands of plants and animals found nowhere else on Earth.




Climate Resilience is the ability for a place to adapt to the  impacts of climate change. In California, protecting lands and waters is especially important to help plant and animal life recover from droughts or higher than normal temperatures, and to prevent future climate impacts like wildfires.




Access to nature helps communities feel and be their best, but not every Californian has access to nature and its benefits. Protecting an array of natural places in diverse locales helps create more access to nature for all Californians—especially for historically marginalized communities and communities of color.


Local Voices

We advocate for a 30x30 plan that puts our communities and tribes first.


Meet Maria Jesus, Conservation Chair for the CNPS Bristlecone Chapter.

Conglomerate Mesa is a haven for threatened plants like the Joshua Tree and Inyo rock daisy, but this climate change refuge is at risk of being lost forever to mining. Whether it’s the expansive views in every direction, the irreplaceable geologic record, or the abundance of unique plant life—it’s clear that the Mesa is unlike anyplace else and deserves protection.”


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