San Joaquin Valley

Situated between California’s Central Coast and the Sierra Nevada, the San Joaquin Valley region spans eight California counties. Once covered by vast wetlands, Valley Oak savannahs, and desert shrublands, it is now the most productive agricultural region in the U.S. But that has come with an environmental cost to nature and humans. Now the area faces the necessary retirement of up to a million acres of farmland, with the opportunity to restore the land, support wildlife and bring justice to the peoples of the Valley.

 Denise Kadara

Local Leader

During these racial equity times having 30×30 bring together voices of the underserved communities is critical and especially at the beginning stages of this process to help establish plans and projects that mutually benefit people and nature. Allensworth, in SW Tulare County on the old shoreline of Tulare Lake, is essential to these efforts and a seat at the table is important to achieving regional resiliency in the face of climate change. We are excited to participate in this endeavor and share the valuable history with California.”

Denise Kadara

President, Allensworth Progressive Association